Fall is here.  Oktoberfests will be happening across Pennsylvania. 

A favorite memory of mine is the Bavarian Festival that took place in Barnesville.  The festival featured two dance halls.  Polka bands and oompa groups took the stage. 

As children, my sisters and I were free to roam the festival grounds.  Vendors sold real Gummi Bears long before they became available in every local store.  Paddle boats could be rented for a leisurely ride across the lake.   And the bratwurst and knockwurst  were delicious.  They even had wine sno-cones! 

Eventually, we joined my parents in a beer hall.  As you opened the door, a wall of beer steam hit you.  My sisters happily danced with mommy and daddy.  I even sneaked  sips of beer.  Men in lederhosen and women in traditional dress roamed the hall.  Wunderbar!  

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